ForeMedia – is this the adsense alternative we all was waiting for?

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If your question is if ForeMedia is the real deal? yes, it is, it works, and in overall, I hear positive things about them except for that one specific case that I will talk about in this article.

For some time now, I’m looking into other ad networks that might be the answer to my problem with google ads. I believe I found a worthy contestant with that one.

What is an ad network?

An ad network is a company that sells advertising space on its domain. They sell ads by inventory; the more popular the site, the more expensive it will be, the more revenue the site owner will get.

So ForeMedia is just another ad network?

Not really, uses Cost Per Click (CPC) which means you earn money when visitors click on ads on your website. It has several options for advertisers and publishers. On ForeMedia an advertiser can buy a banner or an article on a site of his choice. Foremedia makes sure that the ad space sold on its sites will have a high competitive advantage.

How does it work?

ForeMedia uses a bidding system for ad space, ForeMedia has a special page with categories, sizes, and prices. Here advertisers can contact ForeMedia to make a bid on a site of their choice. ForeMedia will then check if the ad space is available and sell it to an advertiser that asked first.

For example:

Pet supplies company will like to promote a new product line. They go into ForeMedia’s ad space page and choose Site B as their target.

Foremedia will then check if the ad spaces of Site B are still available and if they don’t find any ads on Site B, Foremedia will contact the Website B owner and tell him about a special offer ForeMedia has for this site. Foremedia will sell the ad space of Site B and then send money to both ForeMedia and Site B’s owner.

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It’s all about the results

It’s true that ForeMedia is not as big as Google is, many alternative ads aren’t. But is it more profitable than what google offers? that is the question?

or rather, that is what I asked myself. And in my opinion, there were only two ways for me to get an answer for it:

  1. a) Ask others (reviews)
  2. b) Check it myself

So I did both.

what others thought

From what I could tell, at first, many were hesitant and if your blog isn’t big enough, it takes a while to earn those minimal 100$ in order to be able to withdraw your revenue, like in google AdSense. And taking into account that we are talking about a new ad network, and you get yourself one panicked site owner thinking he was duped. In any case, someone wrote an article about it that was very detailed and impressive and added that he didn’t get his money yet, and everyone copied from him his article, so we get a network of the same article saying that they didn’t get it’s money yet.

If you ignore this one article and take everything into account. The reviews for ForeMedia is relatively positive

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My experience

They don’t look at your daily impression but in total. This way, if there is a weak period. Some sites get more impressions on some days rather than others, and they understand that. For example- a site about soccer will be more active when there is a big game coming up, but there is no big game every day, now is there?

The support answered fast and helped me with a problem I had very quickly.

setting up was fairly easy and the fact that they use both their own and google ads, means that I get a 1-in-2 deal here + the fast support and help with optimizing the ads to my site for maximum revenue, something you don’t usually get.

Add to that the fact that you can get paid not only per click but also by impressions, and you get a sweet deal in my opinion.

In conclusion

It’s a legit site, which in my opinion is a good enough reason to give it a try. I’d recommend it only for content sites or blogs with at least 20K impressions per month. so you won’t have to wait for too long to see if they are legit or not and get panicked.

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